*updated August 2023

*scroll down for attendance warning letter instructions/info.


McCallum’s attendance policy follows AISD policy, which complies with the Texas Education Code (TEC), which places a limit on the number of absences a student may have in order to receive credit for that class. All high school students must be in attendance for 90% of all class days each semester. See AISD compulsory attendance & 90% Rule (link). or AISD Attendance (link) for more info from AISD. 


**Attn: Best practice for excuse notes is to turn them in via the google form link here (scroll down for COVID reporting link): 

McCallum Google Form for Absence Documentation - McCallum HS (link here!)

* English & Spanish version

PLEASE NOTE: If you are turning in a parent excuse letter for being ill vs a doctor note, you MUST still upload a signed note w/ date(s)!

*Easiest way is to take a picture of a handwritten note OR screenshot a "note" from your phone notepad APP, then can attach.

*You may also type a note or scan a note with your computer or simply email yourself a picture of one. 

*you may also use the printable parent excuse note above for this. 



♖This works best signed into google acct, as the only acct logged in & in new browser VS on your phone for some users)

♜ This will send you an email receipt for each – please make sure your email does not mark as spam or block emails from sender “Google Forms” ( ) 

♖This process helps speed up the attendance process & save not only time, but a TON of paper!  THANK YOU!!!

♜ If you think a teacher has marked a student incorrectly, please have your student reach out to the teacher of the marked period OR the assistant principal for major concerns.  ( printable above for student how-to)

♖ Yes, your student can still turn in paper notes at the front office (please remember to save copy/picture for your records), but the google form is highly preferred.

♜If you have any major attendance questions, complaints, or concerns then please contact the attending assistant principal for your student(s).  

♖The google form is NOT for complaints about attendance, please remember to have your student speak with any teacher who may have made a mistake or needs to turn in a correction. 

♜If google form is not working for you see add'l FAQs at bottom of page. 



Covid-19 Reporting & Attendance (link here)


If your scholar or anyone on campus does test positive for Covid please report results here to let us know! 

How to covid reporting AND attendance checklist - printable

Please fill out this form after confirming a positive test through a home or lab test. This form will tell you the steps necessary for confirmed positive test results based on current AISD protocol.  this will inform the attendance office and the asst. Principal, please contact teachers about assignments separately.

***any add'l days of absence acquired after the required 5-day quarantine will be unexcused until parents submit another letter to the regular attendance reporting link with the details about these days (with parent and/or doctor excuse notes attached/uploaded).




Excuse Forms (printable)

Parent Excuse Note (English)

 Excusa de los padres Nota

Mac Holy Day Form

How do I pick-up early from McCallum? 

 DPS Visit Verification Form

 How to for students: fixing attendance mistakes

*Printed copies also available by request at the main office/front desk. 



How do I pick students up early from McCallum? 

*Parking is limited, and our school is very spread out. We want to make the process of picking up your child early as simple as possible. Here is the easiest way to pick your child up early for an appointment: 

Send a note the day before the anticipated absence with your student.  We can only accept notes from the parent/guardian listed in our system. If you do not send a note prior then a parent guardian on the pick up list MUST come inside w/ ID to check out at the front desk.  

The note should include: 

   -Reason for leaving 

   -Time leaving 

   -Student ID# 

   -Parent/guardian phone number 

   -Parent/guardian signature 

Your student should take the note to the office before school (or at their earliest convenience). 

Your student must check out via Raptor in the main office

After checking out your student may be picked up by the flagpoles

If the student will be returning to school the same day, they will need to check back in via Raptor in the main office-please drop off near main entrance. 


*print out the instructions to use as your parent note (see link above).

*please try to pick up or drop off at the main office building, as it is required to sign in and/or out at the main office. 

*give yourself ample time to complete this process without the stress of waiting, sometimes many people are in line for this (lunchtime is the busiest, best would be not to try this at lunchtime which is from 12:43-1:23pm. Traffic around campus can be hectic at this time. 

*Issuing a pink slip for early dismissal (or signing out) to leave campus DOES NOT excuse the absence and this parent note is not an excuse note for unexcused attendance.




Thank you for doing your part in your knight(s)' attendance upkeep and for your patience while we update the attendance process' this year!  




Please check this website page for updates regularly 

(last update August 2023.)


*please read each starred note carefully to ensure collection of proper documentation and/or note requirements in order for attendance to be excused.

*each note is required to have the student's first/last name, and student ID number (s#1234567) plus the exact date(s) to be excused. 

 You can view your student's attendance details here for date(s) reference etc: Visit your Parent Portal (frontline/SIS attendance) to view attendance details for each class period (see the attendance tab next to grades). PARENT SELF-SERVE INSTRUCTIONS 



If your child is absent from all or part of a school day for a medical visit, the student must bring an excuse note: either signed by the guardian or health care professional that describes the reason for the absence.  All notes should be provided within two days of returning to school.  Please remind your student to check in AND out at the front desk if only missing a partial day. The campus will update attendance records only based on the documentation provided. 

*Ideally please try not to miss the first period of the day prior to 10:30am. This helps increase school funding from the Texas Education Agency!   

*Excuse note(s) from a health care professional or provider indicating that the student was ill, contagious, had a fever, or simply had an appointment. This note must specify the student’s full name, the day(s) the student has been ill and the signature/contact info or other professional indication to ensure the note is from the health care professional. 

*Pro tip: Try to ask the medical receptionist for the excuse documentation when you check in for an appt vs afterwards so as not to forget. Even virtual appts do still require a medical excuse note from the provider. 

*A parent/legal guardian may provide a parent note to excuse illness, but not for a medical appt, & please note parent written excuses do still count against the 90% attendance rule.

Ideally these DPS appts are scheduled outside of school hours, but if your student is only able to get an appt during school hours please read carefully:

*only ONE day is allowed to be excused for a DPS visit while you are enrolled in AISD.

*Ideally please try not to miss the first period of the day prior to 10:30am. This helps increase school funding from the Texas Education Agency!

For DPS visit attendance to be excused both items must be turned in together. 


1. Parent signed form (must be signed by a parent/guardian)

  DPS Visit Verification Form

“DPS Driver’s License Verification Documentation form” 


2. Proof of visit to DPS: just ONE of the acceptable forms of documentation from the DPS

( each must have student's full name and date of visit): 

*Payment receipt 

*Copy of paper driver permit/license 

*DPS ticket number paper (the small square paper from waiting in line (includes ticket number, student's full name, date, time, etc.) 

*NOT ACCEPTED: copies of the email for confirmation of DPS appointment.

*Tip: if you need a "VOE" simply have your student sign up at the front desk in the main office. 

*ASK EACH COLLEGE FOR A VERIFICATION OF ATTENDANCE LETTER: Documentation from the institute of higher learning, with the letterhead, a signature of the official from the institute, contact information, & specifying the students name with dates of visits(s) will excuse a college visit. 

* A maximum of two (2) days during the junior and senior year may be taken to visit an institution of higher education accredited by a generally recognized accrediting organization to determine the student’s interest in attending the institution. Travel days are not included in the 2 days allowed to be excused, only the exact tour/visit day(s) on the documentation provided by the college.

*IF more than two days of college visits are planned, they must be approved by the administration PRIOR to the absence being potentially excused. Please contact your assistant principal with questions, the attendance office cannot approve this.  

*If you forget to get a verification letter, please reach out to the campus visited and ask for one via email. 

*this document is REQUIRED & no email confirmations/ for a planned visit will be accepted in it's place. 

Sometimes, students may be in the wrong seat during attendance, tardy but marked absent and not updated, or at a school event. The teacher for the class and/or the staff in charge of the extracurricular activity has to turn in a form to adjust these. These things do take time to process. Please have your scholar reach out to the teacher first to inquire if they have concerns.

Field trips/sport event attendance are marked normally by the teachers assigned to the student’s period(s) as unexcused when not present in class, as required, and then will be updated after the event by the attending teacher, it is a requirement for them to do so but then is also a process, which may take a while to update. Thank you for your patience. If it has been more than a few days, then you may reach out to the attending teacher/coach. 

All ISS & HSS questions should be discussed with the assistant principal assigned to your student. The ISS attendance roster is updated periodically throughout the week and any HSS would require a referral process from the Asst. Principal, which may take some time. 

Unfortunately, I simply cannot adjust any attendance without a proper note from staff or admin etc. McCallum scholars may need to speak with the teacher themself and then have them let me know if I need to adjust any attendance if needed. They may come to the attendance office if they has any questions after that.  The teacher will have to report attendance changes to me with a specific teacher only form. 

If your student is testing, they will likely not be in a regular scheduled class for attendance. The teacher will mark them absent and then within a few days the attendance specialist will single handedly fix each student's attendance with the attendance sheet that is taken in the testing room. It is not allowed to pre-post or fix attendance this same day. Parents/Guardians will get a notification of missed class & 

Homebound services: please email the homebound teacher for inquiry, you may cc the attendance office to communicate easier if you would like. 

Life-threatening illnesses: We want to help you! Please email the attendance office. Any documentation shared with a counselor or other staff member will need to be fwd'd to attendance office as well. The attendance office will work with you on a case-by-case basis to get the correct doctor's note(s) and paperwork needed or ask the Attendance Committee for special inquiries/requests. 

Students not in compliance with immunizations are excluded from classes until they are able to present an updated immunization record. 
*Documentation from school nurse indicating non-compliance with immunization requirements-> student's attendance will be coded as "IM" in attendance. Please contact the school nurse if you have questions about vaccine compliance. 

Military Enlistment: Student who is 17 years of age or older and pursuing enlistment in a branch of the United States Armed Services or the National Guard may be excused for this purpose.

*Documentation that verifies the student’s activities related to pursuing enlistment in a branch of the Armed Services or the Texas National Guard such as a letter from the branch of the Armed Service of the United States or Texas National Guard indicating the dates of visitation; dates may not exceed four days.  The letter must be dated and signed w/ student’s full name. 

*no more than four days of school during the period the student is enrolled in high school. 


Military Deployment: Student is absent to visit with legal parent/stepparent/guardian whom is an active duty member of the uniformed services and has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or is immediately returned from continuous deployment. A maximum of five days during the school year may be excused. 

*Documentation from military branch of service indicating date of deployment or return from deployment. Note: All sensitive information must be redacted from the documentation. Proof of legal


Playing Taps: Student misses school for the purpose of sounding “Taps” at a military honors funeral held in Texas for a deceased veteran.  

*Funeral program or letter/documentation from the funeral home indicating student's name and states they were participating in the sounding of “Taps”. 

 Attendance Warning letters are delivered each approx. monthly, when our automated system indicates 3 or more unexcused absences. If you received this auto-email/letter from the main office about attendance, please first review your student’s attendance record in the AISD Parent Portal, then submit any document(s) that still need to be turned into the attendance office you may have forgotten or may have been lost in a backpack etc. Your student's attendance may have been updated between the print date of this letter and when you received it, please double check by logging in to you parent portal. Visit your Parent Portal (frontline/SIS attendance) to view attendance details for each class period (see the attendance tab next to grades). 

*Please contact your student's Asst. Principal if you have concerns about multiple absence needing make-up hours for excessive absences/skipping class concerns, etc. 

*Feel free to disregard any automated communication if you have checked your parent portal, see that they absences are excused, and 100% know you've done your part to inform us about absence(s) OR use it as a reminder to send in a note if you haven't. your student may also utilize lunch period time to go speak with the attendance office. Visit your Parent Portal (frontline/SIS attendance) to view attendance details for each class period (see the attendance tab next to grades). Thank you!

Mentorship & work-based Learning: High School student is participating in a mentorship approved by district personnel to serve as one or more of the advanced measures needed to complete the Distinguished Achievement Program out lined in 19 TAC Chapter 74.     

*Documentation from the Distinguished Achievement Program. 

Funeral(s): *please send a handwritten note with explanation of missed time, this will then have to be reviewed by the Attendance committee for approval. 


Absent due to attending a required in court appearance.

*to meet with probation officers and other absences related to court ordered activities outside the courtroom do not qualify as required court appearances.

*Copy of pleading or other official document filed with the court such as a notice from the court clerk regarding a hearing or trial date; jury summons; subpoena etc. MUST have date of absence and student's full name for absence to be excused. 


Family Protective Services Obligations: Absence due to attending Texas Family Code specific activities.

*Documentation must include DFPS personnel, student name, dates of activities(Caseworkers should provide this documentation)

Election Clerk: Student 16 years or older may be excused for absence to serve as student early voting clerk/student election clerk (travel days limited to not more than 1 day to and 1 day from) *must provide both completion of training course & documentation from election official.

Citizenship & Naturalization: US Citizenship and Immigration Services office appointment notice/ Biometric Screening: absence is for attending to the student’s own citizenship or oath ceremony.

Google form not working for you?   

-you might try on a different device?   

-using google browser usually helps issues a lot w/ AISD links etc.  

-double check that the internet connection is good.  

-also make sure the google account you are logged in with is a parent email account, sometimes it might get confused if you have multiple accounts auto saved/logged in.  

-you may want to try again by first removing the extra google accounts from the saved login.  

-contact AISD Family Technology Service Desk.

How many days can be missed before losing credits? & Twilight Program/Saturday School: No more than 4 unexcused days per semester, otherwise hours will need to be made up @ Twilight after school days or Saturday School. *Must sign up with a counselor for make-up/tutoring work or assigned assistant principal for attendance make up & details. Tutoring and attendance logs must be kept up with and are the student's' responsibility. Only counselors and APs have all the information/log sheets etc.

McCallum Twilight program: starting on October 3rd. Running from October 3rd to December 6th, the program will be available exclusively on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, taking place in room 155, from 4:45 to 6:15 pm. The program's primary aim is to facilitate credit recovery, grade repair, and attendance make-up. To get started, students are required to meet with their school counselors, who will assist in registering them for this beneficial program or for attendance hour makeups please contact your students' Assistant Principal. We strongly encourage all eligible students to take advantage of this opportunity to boost their academic progress.

Twilight Poster pic Fall 2023

*Saturday School: occasional Saturdays every month, will be staring in October (NO SATURDAY SCHOOL FALL 2023, POTENIAL SPRING 2024 PENDING): 8am-Noon, students MUST be on time as doors will be locked at 8:00am on the dot. They must bring work and work the entire 4 hours, there will be no coming late/leaving early allowed. 


 AISD attendance FAQs(link)

*Changes simply cannot be made without all proper documentation.

*Attendance notifications are from an automated system (you can adjust your phone/email preferences in the parent portal).

*Even if you give advance notice or turn in a note the day of absences, it's impossible for us to beat the notification system.

*Every single attendance note is manually entered which is why we ask parents to allow a minimum of 72 hours for attendance changes to show in Parent Self-Serve (frontline/SIS).

*Feel free to disregard any automated communication if you know you've done your part to inform us about absence(s) OR use it as a reminder to send in a note if you haven't. Thank you! 


How can I help the attendance process? 

*Austin ISD is required to submit its attendance to the Texas Education Agency reflecting student attendance at a specific time each day. Please try to schedule appointments for your student after school, but if that is too difficult, try and schedule medical appointments after 10:30 AM.

*Please do not send multiples of the same document, choose either the google form submission or turn in a note to the front desk & be patient this just adds more to the queue!

*Read all instructions carefully for special excuse notes/forms (see below for details). 

*Always send the pink slip back together with the excuse/doctor note (physical paper turn in OR email)

*take pictures/save fil