Counselor Last Name Email Address
Loren Croom  A-E

Nicollette Muller

Cristela Garcia



Marc Garcia

Shelley Goldstein 

Fine Arts
Camille Nix College Counselor
Jennifer Warren

Special Education

Class Contact:

Mental Health:

LMHP – Karen McGarity,

Mental Health Resources page


If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, Integral Care has a 24/7 Crisis Helpline at 512-472-HELP (4357). You can also Text TX to 741741 to connect to Crisis Text Line. The Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 crisis support via text. 

For a mental health emergency, please call 911 and ask for a wellness check.

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Portrait of a McCallum Graduate, empathy,inegrity, adaptability, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, perseverance, creativity

Counselor Directory


Croom, Loren

Counselor (A-E Students)
 512 414-2519. Ext. 71061
School Office



Muller, Nicollette

Counselor (F-Lh Students)
 512 414-2519. Ext. 
School Office


Garcia, Cristela 

Counselor (Li-Rn Students)
 512 414-2519. Ext. 71035
School Office



Garcia, Marc

Counselor (Ro-Zz Students)
 512 414-2519. Ext. 71151
School Office



Goldstein, Shelley

Counselor (FAA Students)
 512 414-2519. Ext. 71077
School Office



Nix, Camille

College Counselor/Project Advance
  512 414-2519. Ext. 71088
McCallum Office



Warren, Jennifer

Special Education Department Chair
 512 414-2519. Ext. 71096
School Office