Student Clubs and Organizations – 2023-2024

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Club Sponsor Form

Club Sponsor Description
Academy Ambassadors Dr, Sam Parrott The McCallum Fine Arts Academy Ambassadors are senior majors who have been selected to serve as both leaders and mentors to prospective and current students in addition to designing and facilitating Academy programs and events.
Animation Club Peter Brancaccio Work together on short film to submit to film festivals
Aquatic Science Club  Elaine Bohls-Graham We will do aquarium maintenance and learn about the organisms we keep in class.

Archery Club

Carey West

Learn and enjoy archery with a chance to compete as well!

Practices are in the Small Gym on:

Mondays 6:45-8:15 PM

Thursdays 5:30-7:00 PM

Fridays 4:45- 6 PM

Art Society (National Art Society) Sara Massey

The Art Society (NAHS) is an art related community service organization. We are community advocates for the visual arts and work to create opportunities for artists, public schools, and art organizations. This is a national organization sponsored by the National Art Education Association. We are the NAHS McCallum HS chapter. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and engage in service and social opportunities. Once you have completed your yearly community service, you will be formally inducted into the organization (Spring). To maintain active member status, you must complete required art-related community service hours each year until graduation. At graduation, members will receive the NAHS distinction and honor cord.

Ballet Folkorico Dance Team Telvi Altamirano Learn the traditional dances of Mexico! Learn about a culture that brings joy and happiness by way of music, colorful costumes and dance (costumes provided)
Bread Club Julie Petersen Educate about bread and serve as a study space/safe space for students
Chess Club Jonathan Mills Play & study chess openings, middle game ploys, and end games. 
Chinese/Mandarin Club Richard Salazar To give students who an opportunity to learn and appreciate the language.  Meets during lunch on Wednesday in Room 138-B.
Climbing Club Eric Wydeven Learn how to climb/become a better climber/just have fun climbing with friends!
Club de Francais Charlotte Favrin

Come join us as we promote French culture and the French language with opportunities to converse in French & enjoy French movies, games, and music.

Creation Club- Think Creatively!  Abby Burnham This club is art/creative focused where students can create anything without feeling boxed in. It encourages students to think creatively.
Crochet Club Sarah Noack

Come learn how to crochet or if you already know how, come work on your crochet project with us!

Meets Tuesdays during lunch in Room 141.

Debate Club

Vaughn Stockton 

Explore the world of competitive debate!

Drone Photography Club Peter Brancaccio Fun with drones! Fun with photography!
*Environmental Knights Elaine Bohls-Graham *meets with/teamed with Feathered Friends Birdwatching
*Feathered Friends Birdwatching  Elaine Bohls-Graham

Find a passion for observing birds in their habitats, improve bird habitats, bird conservation, and other bird-related activities

*mees with/teamed with Environmental Knights

Feminism Club Vaughn Stockton This is a thriving club addressing advocacy and awareness of issues
Film Club Robert Carrasco To talk about movies, directors, and actors. Watch the assigned movie (similar to a book club) and then meet to discuss it.  Meets monthly on Tuesdays during FIT.
Food Club Cat O'Neal Make and try new foods.  Meets during FIT on Fridays.
Food for Thought Book Club Amy Smith Students pick and read one book per month and share their opinions and thoughts with a small snack to share while meeting.
French Club Charlotte Favrin French language and culture club.
Game Development Club

Ben Slamka, Jonathan Mills, & Andrea Rogers


Making games, learning & teaching coding, art and sound design for games for both computer and VR devices.

Meets Wednesday after school Tuesdays and Thursdays in 110-Lab and Room 118

Gardening Club Cat O'Neal To be able to sustain and continue a garden on campus, as well as learn about different gardening techniques and ways to use products of the garden.
Geometry Help Club Paul Pew Get help learning geometry or help others!

Japanese NHS


Akemi Bond

Japanese Language National Honor Society. Meets during lunch on Wednesdays in Room 162.

K-Pop Dance Club Terrance Carson Learn K-Pop dances and find a fun way to exercise with your friends! Meets during FIT on Thursdays and after school on Fridays.
Key Club Jennifer Wood

Key Club is a student-led high school organization that is service and character driven.

Meets Thursdays during lunch time in Room 106.

Knight Steppers Tonya Moore  Our purpose is to entertain others, gain leadership skills, engage in self-expression, and give back to the community.
Latin Club Nick Martin Explore Latin language and classical culture
Lego Club Mitra Darakhshandeh

Build a community of people who enjoy Legos and learning about architecture.

Meets during FIT on Thursdays.

MAC Angling/Fishing Club James Hutcheson

We meet and discuss topics relating to fishing. When circumstances permit, we can meet up and catch a few. Come join us during lunch on Fridays and FITs during the week to learn about the wonders of fishing. One other key topic that we focus on in the Mac Angling Club is the environment. Come join us during lunch every other Friday.

MAC Music Volunteers Andrew Clark Mac Music Volunteers is a club dedicated to spreading joy and happiness through music in retirement homes. The club’s mission is to create meaningful connections between volunteers and residents by organizing musical events that brighten the atmosphere of local retirement communities. MMV has lots of volunteer opportunities for Fine Arts students at McCallum if you are interested in volunteering email
McCallum Christian Community Nancy Searle

Gives Christian students a chance to share lunch and fellowship. 

Meets every other Friday during lunch in Portable P-10.

McCallum Fellowship of Christian Athletes Steve Searle  
Medical Health Sciences Club Nicole Sorto

This club is aimed at raising awareness and creating excitement for careers in the medical sciences.

Meets during FIT on the third Thursday of each month

McCallum Jewelry & Entrepreneurship Club Tilly Villarreal Learn to make jewelry to sell!  Meets during FIT on Thursdays or during lunch
Metal Head Club Greg Anderson

For heavy metal enthusiasts.  This club meets on Thursdays form 4:50-6:30 PM in Room 116.

Mindfulness Club Jami Friedman A space where one can feel relaxed and have a sense of reduced stress. We will use guided meditations, breathing exercises, coloring, and talking with fellow peers.  Meets during lunch on Wednesdays in Room 121.

Model UN

Joe Carcione Model UN discusses past and current global events. No experience is needed, just an interest in the world around us.  Meets in Room 111 during FIT on Tuesdays.
Music Appreciation Club James Hutcheson To discuss different genres and styles of music as well as alternative music and fashions.  Meets during FIT .
National Honor Society Garrison Land Students have opportunities to develop the 4 characteristics of NHS: scholarship, leadership, character and service.
Painting Club Natalie Kleinecke Pantuso Allows painting students extra time to work on projects with guidance, and to provide all students with an environment to try or practice painting.  Learn more about painting!
Philosophy Club
Vaughn Stockton

Explore ancient and modern philosophy through the ages.

Meets Thursdays during FIT time in Room 114.

Pickle Ball Club Jami Friedman Let's play pickle ball!  Meets after school on Thursdays in Room 121.
Powerlifting Club Richard Salazar Become strongs and healthier through powerlifting, with the goal of eventually competing in competitions.  Meets in the Weight Room on Wednesdays after school.
  Larry Featherstone

We meet on Thursdays from 10:35-11:00am. Get paired with a group of college students at UT Austin to be mentors for the school year. Meet weekly to check-in and do fun activities. Get information about college including academic, social, and emotional support to graduate.

RPG Club (Role Playing Games) David Insel We play pen and paper table top role playing games that use dice.
Robotics Team Audrea Moyers The Robotics Team competes in the VEX Robotics Competition. We meet twice a week after school to design, build, program, and test robots for the VEX competition. Also see Instagram for Engineering.
Sewing Club Lauren Alindogan

We meet to discuss and work on sewing projects.

Meets on Fridays during FIT.

Science National Honor Society Tilly Villarreal

To encourage students' knowledge of science through scientific exploration, students will engage with their community as they apply their own passion for science in their daily life.  With this club, students will garner more interest in science.

Meets monthly on Monday in Room 140 during lunch. Contact Ms. Villarreal for more info.

Senior Service Club Amy Smith Goal: to help senior citizens in our community by making cards and crafts and visiting retirement homes.
Socialism Club Jain Orr Learn about socialist economic theory.  Meets after school on Friday.
Spanish Club Jeanette Miranda-Santiago

Have fun practicing conversational Spanish, tutoring Spanish 1, playing Spanish board games, and enjoying Spanish cultural activities.

Meets Tuesdays during lunch.

Spectrum Kelly Wroblewski GSA/Gender ID club works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens
Smash Brothers Club Bob Ely

To play Smash and run Smash tournaments - meets during FIT on Fridays

Student Council Amy Brodbeck

McCallum Student Government Organization

Tabletop Games Club Jonathan Mills Enjoy games that don’t require an electronic controller (Board games, Role Playing, Card Games)
Students of Color Alliance Tonya Moore

This club’s focus is to create a safe space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to discuss current events, social justice issues, and take on initiatives for advocacy in and around school.

Meets on Fridays during FIT in the Fine Arts Academy Office.  Open to all students.

Tabletop Games Club Jonathan Mills

Enjoy games that don’t require an electronic controller (Board games, Role Playing, Card Games)

Tap Dance  Natalie Uehara

Free tap dance classes for all levels are held on selected Tuesdays. Please contact Ms. Nat for more information including exact dates, times, and location of classes. 

Tea & Biscuits Club Ann Marquez

Try a variety of teas, learn about herbs and flowers and their cultural significance.  Plus, it's fun to have tea parties!

Meets in Portable P-1 on Tuesdays during FIT

Tennis Club Mike McLaughlin Organize fun tennis activities during and after school, ie., cleaning the courts, running fundraisers, playing teams, building a tennis community
Travel Club

Sarah Noack
Greg Anderson


If you love to talk about traveling, love to explore, or want to take trips with us, this is the place!
Ultimate Frisbee Terrance Carson Meets after school twice a month.
You Can Be A Leader Club Dr. Sam Parrott

To help students successfully take on leadership roles in our school and community through learning how to approach problem solving, communication and "lead from behind; in a fun and informal setting.  We will have the opportunity to connect with students in different grades, and hear from guest speakers in various industries.

Meets during lunch on Wednesdays.  Location TBD.

Writing Center

James Hutcheson

Mitra Darakhshandeh

Writing Center is a peer-tutoring writing lab. Become one of our Junior or Senior peer tutors who love to help their peers with writing –