Rising Freshman

Rising 9th Grade Class Decision tree:

What classes do I take?


High School is a new and exciting experience and there is a lot to learn. Sometimes it can even seem a little scary! This FAQ should hopefully answer some of your questions. And most of all...

Don't worry! You've GOT this!


What do I do the first day of school? I don't have my schedule and I don't know where to go. 

Simply come to school. It is that easy. You will see students milling around and looking at the walls. There is a good reason for this. At several places around campus (including the main hall and both wings), you will find your name listed on posters on the wall along with your homeroom class. When the bell rings, all students will go to their homeroom class to pick up their schedules and receive a few announcements. After homeroom, you will follow your regular schedule. There will be admins, counselors and teachers everywhere to help you navigate your first day.

I don't know if I picked the right classes.  What if I change my mind?  

No worries!  

In late summer, you will get an email with your course requests (not schedule). At that time, you will have an opportunity to change your classes via:

  • Emailing your counselor

  • Turning in a schedule change form

Remember: All schedule change requests must be made by early August BEFORE the first day of school. 

But what if I picked the WRONG class? How will I know?

Again, No worries!

The most important choices you have as a freshman are:

  • Do I pick pre-ap/honors or regular on-level classes? (And even that you can change after you get in the in the actual class!)

  • What do I take for electives? Do I take PE in 9th grade? Do I continue or start a language? The answer is maybe?! Check out the Decision Tree "What classes do I Pick?" guide.

  • If I want to take certain classes later, do I need to take a specific class as a freshman? The answer to this one is YES! Check out the Decision Tree "What classes do I Pick?" Guide and/or 9th grade class choice sheet.

For specific questions, look no further... Click on the on the following for help:

 "What classes do I pick?" Guide >

I CAN'T complete my Online Choice Sheet because I am zoned for another school and I don't have my transfer yet. Or I am coming from a private school.

Turn in a choice sheet to McCallum and we will put in your classes over the summer. Or you can fill out your choice sheet after you register for classes.

I am really worried that I won't get the classes that I want because I can't fill out my Online Choice Sheet!

Course requests do not become classes until the end of summer. Let me say that again. COURSE REQUESTS DO NOT BECOME CLASSES UNTIL THE VERY, VERY END OF SUMMER! So please don't worry about this. You will get great classes!

One small caveat: Upper grades have first choice of classes, so there may be a time when you do NOT get the classes you want at first glance - No matter when you turn in your form. Be patient. In almost all cases, we are able to eventually get you a class that you will like.

Second small caveat: Make sure that you pick out at least 2 alternate classes on your choice sheet!

I want to know what classes that I need to take in High School to graduate.

This is known as a graduation plan or 4 Year Plan and we will be completing those with you during your time at McCallum with your counselor. You will meet individually with your counselor each year to check progress and plan for the next year. Here are a few documents that can help you plan or track your progress.

I am really confused about Endorsements. What are they?

Endorsements are simply ways of describing the classes that you take. They are useful when planning your high school career but they are nothing to worry about. You can earn as many endorsements as you choose. 

All McCallum students start with the Multidisciplinary Endorsement. This means that you are on state high school graduation plan. 

Other endorsements include:

  • Arts and Humanities - earned by taking 4 Fine Arts Classes or 4 languages.

  • STEM - earned by taking an extra math or science.

  • Business and Industry - earned by taking a sequence of 4 CTE courses such as AV, Graphic Arts or Architecture/Engineering.