University Interscholastic League (UIL)

The UIL (or University Interscholastic League) sets eligibility rules and contest regulations to keep competition equitable and maintain activities in proper perspective. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure students do not compete unless they comply with all eligibility rules. It is also the responsibility of the student to observe and obey these standards. According to UIL standards, students are eligible to represent their school in interscholastic activities if they:

  • Have not graduated from high school,
  • Are full-time, day students in the school, and have been in regular attendance at the school since the 6th class day of the present school year, or have been in regular attendance for 15 or more calendar days before the contest or competition,
  • Are in compliance with state law and rules of the Commissioner of Education, (see TEA-UIL Side By Side)
  • Are enrolled in a four year, normal program of high school courses, and initially enrolled in the 9th grade not more than 4 years ago nor in the 10th grade not more than 3 years ago,
  • Were not recruited,
  • Are not in violation of the awards rule and
  • Meet the specific eligibility requirements for academic, music and/or athletic competition.

UIL First Six Weeks Eligibility Schedule

UIL Academic Eligibility Basics