2023-24 Course Selections


The McCallum counselors are looking forward to visiting with our rising 9th graders.  We will be on our feeder campuses: Feb 13/14 (Kealing) and Feb 15-17th (Lamar).  

 Learn about 4 year plans and graduation requirements:

How do I make changes for next year's schedule?

Schedule Changes

Regular schedule changes are closed for Fall 2022.


IMPORTANT - Schedule Change Requirements
After School Starts

  • No teacher changes will be considered at any time. Class period changes will only be considered to balance workload between A & B days. 

  • You MUST list at least as many classes to ADD as you are DROPPING. Please add 2 alternates. (Don’t forget that some classes are ½ credit classes and you need 2 to make a full year).

  • Granting your request may move your schedule around. Do not request a schedule change unless you are ok with this. 

To move from an Honors Level class:
(After school has started)

 Students are allowed to drop down a level, after the 1st 6 weeks of class.

There are several steps that a student must complete before they can make the change which should all be documented on the drop form.

  • Student must speak to the teacher to talk about why they want to drop the class and to discuss strategies for success.
  • Student must stay in the class for the first 6 weeks (until March 10th) date
  • Student must complete the form and obtain the following signatures:
    • Teacher
    • Parents
    • Assistant Principal