Honors Pre-AP/ AP

Request to Drop Honors Course 2020-2021 

(To move to from Pre-AP/AP to regular)

Students are allowed to start the process to move from honors classes (Pre-AP/AP) to regular classes between now and Oct 9th. All requests must be in by Oct. 9th. However, schedules will not be changed until after Oct. 9th.

To request to drop down a level:

Step 1

The student must meet and communicate with their teacher first to discuss the issues they are having. (This can happen via email or Zoom Office hours.)

Step 2

The teacher will let the student know what they need to do to get extra support in the class and the student will follow the steps the teacher lays out. This is because we want our students to be supported and to have every opportunity to be successful in an honors class.

Step 3

If the student is still struggling, the student must send an email to their teacher, their assistant principal, their counselor and their parents expressing their wishes and their reasoning. (Please put why.)

Step 4

If the parent, assistant principal, teacher, student and counselor are all in agreement that the student should change levels, the counselor will see if they are able to make a change. (This agreement should be done via email.) It is not guaranteed that we will be able to make the change. Please also know that other classes may change as a result of the schedule change.